Under EU law on the collection of cookies, & the Cookie Law in Denmark, below you can find all the information about the cookies we use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your browser or device by the website or app you’re using or ad you’re viewing. Like most websites, we use cookies to provide you with a better, faster and safer experience.


Why do we use these technologies?

Show what matters to you Improve your experience Protection and security
They help us know who you are so we can show content that’s most relevant to you, including features, products, and ads. They work with Facebook features and help us improve our products and services – so you can do things like see which friends are online in chat, use share buttons, and upload photos. They help secure Facebook by letting us know if someone tries to access your account or engages in activity that violates our terms.

Our Cookies

  • Dentin Clinic collects cookies for the Google Analytics analysis tool. learn more
  • Dentin Clinic is connected to Facebook.com and Linkedin.com. When clicking on any of these buttons, this action is recorded, and this information may be used. You can refer to these websites for more information: facebook, linkedin

For more information and how to remove cookies in your specific browser: find out more

If you have questions beyond this please feel free to contact us through our contact form .


Removing Cookies

You can withdraw your consent and remove or block cookies at any time using the settings in your browser, but in some cases, this may impact your ability to use our website.