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We offer all types of dental care at our clinic, including major treatments such as implant surgery and prosthetics.

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Customized Treatment Plan

As patient of Dentin Clinic, we are committed to offering you treatments to suit your specific needs. When you come to the clinic for the first time, we make a long-term treatment plan that helps to ensure clean, strong and healthy teeth for life.

Flexible Pricing & Guarantee

We create a customized experience to fit your needs, & offer major dental treatments at individual prices. Book an appointment today and we’ll prepare a treatment plan for you. You’ll find that at Dentin Clinic, we put your comfort and well-being first.

Experienced & Qualified Staff

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and our dental staff are all specially trained in the field to perform the most complicated of treatments. All of our Dentists speak English, many from other EU countries and are trained and authorized to work in Denmark.