Dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the most common types of fear in this country. Up to around 40% of the Danish population feels some sort of discomfort, when it is time for the yearly visit at the dentist. Some can not really point out, what makes them uncomfortable, since they have often repressed the exact situation, which they actually fear. Others are afraid of what the dentist might discover, when they have neglected the regular visits at the dentist for a longer period of time. Dental anxiety often results in a vicious circle, where the fear of the unknown wins and it ends up with only a visit to the dentist once every 5 year.

We can help you overcome your dental anxiety

Many are ashamed of their dental anxiety. At Dentin Clinic we meet patient with dental anxiety every day. We are used to treating patients with dental anxiety, and our dentists are also trained to deal with dental anxiety. We are more than capable of taking care of you! We fully understand, which inner battle you need to face in order to just grab the phone and calling us. Therefore, we promise to do what we can to make it just a little bit easier for you. We never blame our patients with dental anxiety, if they have avoided the dentist for a couple of years. On the contrary, we acknowledge the giant step it takes to finally decide on booking an appointment and then actually show up at the clinic.
If you suffer from dental anxiety it is always a good idea to inform us about it, preferably when you call to book an appointment. That way we can to devote extra time for you and to appoint you a dentist with experience in dental anxiety. By acknowledging your dental anxiety and informing us about it, you give us the opportunity to give you the best possible treatment, where we can take things at your pace. We strive to make you feel safe, which is the first step towards freeing yourself from your dental anxiety.

Painless dental care

Previously dental treatments have been closely connected to uncomfortable and painful experiences, which basically is one of the biggest reasons many suffer from dental anxiety. However, modern technology has made it possible to treat patients completely without pain. The pain free aspect combined with a bigger understanding of what dental anxiety really is, has helped many patients to face their fear.
At Dentin Clinic we want to make sure, that you feel safe. For patients with dental anxiety it takes a little bit extra to create a safe environment, since the fear of dentists is deeply rooted in their minds. We devote extra time to talk the treatment through, and we will only begin the treatment, when you are ready for it. We explain both orally and visually to you, how we believe, we can help you with your dental issues. Basically, there are always different ways, we can repair your teeth. Hence, we will discuss both pros and cons in the different treatments with you, so we are certain, that we mutually agree on the on the treatment which is just right for you. As a patient with dental anxiety, it is important that the experience at the dentist is positive. Therefore we recommend — depending on the necessary treatment — a type of anesthetic, so you will not endure any pain during the treatment.

Avoid financial trouble

For many patients with dental anxiety it is the feeling of not being in control with the situation that causes the fear of dentists. At Dentin Clinic we do what we can to calm you and try to help you control the situation and your dental anxiety. It is important for us, that our patients take active part of the treatment process.Thus, we always prepare an individual treatment plan and price estimate, before we begin the proposed treatment. The treatment plan is divided, so it is easier for you to figure out, how course of the treatment works and what it will cost. That way, we provide you with an overview, so you can choose the course of action regarding your treatment. Essentially we recommend, however, that you stick to the proposed plan, since it has been made on your specific needs and individual needs. The treatment plan gives you, as a patient with dental anxiety, the possibility to take active part of the decision process regarding both course of action and price, and you will avoid any surprises in terms of treatment and finances.

Break the vicious circle today

When suffering from dental anxiety the last thing you want is to be reminded of the fact, that you have neglected the dentist for too long. Hence, many patients with dental anxiety choose to avoid the daily care of their teeth, so they do no have to be reminded of the fact, that it is probably time for a dentist visit. Often there are correlation between dental anxiety and bad oral hygiene. The oral hygiene can result in low self esteem and an embarrassment about the fear of dentist, which brings people into a vicious circle hard to break. Dental anxiety is, however, a very common condition, which can occur to people in all ages. At Dentin Clinic we are ready to help you break the vicious circle and your dental anxiety. At us you can be safe! Call us today on +45 3393 4181

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