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At Dentin Clinic we have extensive experience with dental crowns, also known as dental caps. Crowns are often the right solution when a tooth is either broken or in such a poor state, that a tooth filling is no longer an option. When you treat a tooth with a dental crown, you build up the weakened tooth with a strong material, so the original tooth becomes stronger and the risk of losing it is diminished. Thus, a dental crown is a type of protecting shell, which is built to look like an ordinary tooth.

Which type of dental crown should I choose?

It is important for us at Dentin Clinic, that you as a patient do not feel constrained by your new dental crown – neither functional nor cosmetic. That is why it is important for us to give advice to our patients about the different types of dental crowns and determine together, which dental crown suits you the best.

There are many different types of dental crowns, which each has its own advantages depending on the oral area, where the weakened tooth is placed:

– A full ceramic crown belongs to the newest technology. The full ceramic crown consists mostly of glass ceramics, which can be strengthened by different materiales. This type of crown gives you the opportunity to create very exquisite and strong crowns, which makes this a very popular choice of dental crown.
– A MC crown is a metallic, ceramic crown, which can be used everywhere in your mouth. This ceramic crown is made of metal, and afterwards porcelain is burned on to the surface.
– A gold crown is a crown made of gold. A gold crown is a very strong crown, which can withstand the toughest load, which especially the molar teeth are exposed to on a daily base. A gold crown can be used everywhere in the mouth, but due to cosmetic reasons you will often place a gold crown in the back of the mouth.

How is a tooth crown bonded

If the tooth is weak, but still firmly attached to the mouth, we will place a new tooth crown on the original tooth. In order to make room for the new dental crown, it is necessary to remove some of the the weakened tooth. This is done by grinding the tooth, which is also called ‘preparing’. When the tooth is ready after preparation, an imprint of the tooth is send to a dental laboratory, where your new dental crown is fabricated. When the crown is finished, and you have approved the form and shape in cooperation with us, we will cement your dental crown on to your original and weakened tooth. Your new dental crown will enclose and protect your weakened tooth.

If the tooth is not weak, but actually missing, we at Dentin Clinic offer other types of implant crowns. Here we will insert an implant on the spot of the missing tooth, where after the implant crown will be cemented or screwed on. You can read more about our treatments with dental implants here. MC crown, gold crown or implant crown, in either case the final result will after you get familiar with the crown end up looking and feeling like a natural tooth.

How long does a dental crown last?

It can be hard to predict a precise due date for a dental crown, since there are many different factors, which can determine the durability of a dental crown. Amongst those factors are bad oral hygiene, type of dental crown and placement, as well as more specific challenges such as teeth grinding.

All in all, most dental crowns will last at least 10-15 years and often much longer. However, any of the factors mentioned above could reduce the durability of the dental crown. At Dentin Clinic we do everything we can to ensure the longest possible durability for your dental crown. That is why we always give you guarantees on all our treatment, so that you can be certain of level of work and service you get at Dentin Clinic.

Can I afford a dental crown?

The price on a dental crown does vary depending on the type of dental crown, you desire. You can check out our price specifications on our price list. At Dentin Clinic we always build a treatment plan and a price estimate, which are adapted to the unique patient, before we begin a dental crown treatment. If possible, we even present you with more alternatives, so that you get more choices. In that way, we give you the possibility — in cooperation with us — to decide on what dental crown treatment suiting you the best. You are always welcome to book time for an examination, so we can get started on your personal treatment plan.


CROWNS AND BRIDGESORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
Three-unit bridgeFRA 13.800 DKK0 DKK3600-6300 DKK* 3600-6300 DKK*
Jacket Crown (per tooth)5.583 DKK300-525 DKK12001200
MC-crownFRA 4.775 DKK300-525 DKK12001200
Gold crown7.016 DKK300-525 DKK12001200
Full ceramic crown5.583 DKK300-525 DKK12001200
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