Dental implants

At Dentin Clinic we have extensive experience with dental implant treatments. If you have lost a tooth and do not want to live without it, a dental implant insertion is the best solution for you. A dental implant is designed as a replacement for the missing dental root and works as a foundation for a new dental crown. With a dental implant you will get a permanent and functioning replacement for the original tooth, which will feel and look like your own tooth. When we replace one or more tooth with a dental implant, we always make sure, that the new dental implant will look like your own teeth as much as possible. We can promise, that your new dental implant will not look like or feel like an artificial tooth.

How does a dental implant work?

A dental implant is shaped in titanium. That is because the body biologically is compatible with titanium. By using titanium as the foundation, we avoid that your body rejects your new dental implant. The dental implant will integrate into the bone structure of the jaw.

A dental implant basically consists of three parts. The first part is the implant itself, which is attached to the jawbone. This part can be compared to a raw plug. The other part is the abutment, which connects the implant with the dental crown. To simplify, the abutment consists of a tiny screw in one end and a structure in the other end. The third part is the dental crown, which is attached to the structure. The dental crown looks like a natural tooth and will restore the lost ability to chew.

Dental implant, dental bridge or prosthesis — what to choose?

When you lose a tooth, you are faced with the choice: Do you want your tooth replaced — and if so, how? If you choose to replace your tooth, you usually have three different options: a dental implant, a bridge or a dental prosthesis. Still fewer patients wish to replace missing teeth with a removable dental prosthesis. A dental bridge can be a good solution to replace either one or more lost teeth. A dental bridge basically consists of three coherent crowns, where the two outer crowns are attached to the neighbour teeth to the missing tooth. A dental bridge will usually be the most advantageous solution, if it is not possible to implement a dental implant, or if the two neighbour teeth are in such a bad condition, that a crown actually will work as an improvement. If the neighbour teeth are healthy, we would always recommend you to get a dental implant and hence avoid destroying healthy teeth.

How long does a dental implant last?

A dental implant is a very secure type of dental treatment, where only a minimal part of the inserted implant is lost. The most frequent reason for losing implants is, that the treated patients sometimes develop periodontal disease around the dental implant. Periodontal disease is caused by very aggressive types of bacteria, which penetrate into the gums and slowly make the bone around the dental implant disappear. The loss of the dental implants is often seen with heavy smokers. An optimal oral hygiene and a regularly cleansing around the dental implant is usually a solid and efficient prevention against losing your dental implant.

How much does a dental implant cost?

Depending on the dental implant solution right for you, the price on a dental implant will vary. We only use the best dental implants on the market — despite that, we can still offer you affordable dental implants. You can see a more detailed price list here. At Dentin Clinic we are committed to ensure that you play an active role throughout the entire course of your treatment. For us, it is important that you feel safe. At Dentin Clinic we always build a treatment plan and a price estimate before we begin any treatment with dental implants. The treatment plan is divided in a way, so you can see the specific parts of the treatment and the prices. The treatment plan is a proposition for you that you can accept or decline. In that way you are a vital part of the decision process in terms of both course of treatment and price on your future dental implant. After all, it is your teeth and your money.

Does is hurt to get a dental implant inserted?

The insertion of a dental implant is a small surgical procedure, where you are locally anesthetized. Because of the anesthesia, the treatment is completely painless. Normally you will only experience few discomforts after the treatment.
We are aware, that booking appointment at the dentist can be a rough experience. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it is always a good idea to inform us about that, before you arrive at your first consultation. That way, we get the chance to devote extra time to your consultation and also to choose a dentist with experience in dental anxiety. We strive to give you the necessary time and expertise, so you can ask the dentist any questions and discuss your concerns about the dental implant treatment.


IMPLANTSORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
First implant12.929 DKK1.300-2.025 DKK*3.500-5.625 DKK*3.500-5.625 DKK*
First implant with crown19.900,68 DKK1.900-3.075 DKK*5.600-8.625 DKK*5.600-8.625 DKK*
Abutment tit / Abutment zir1.850 - 4.312 DKK
Bone rebuild4.033 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
Sinus lift6.338 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
Implant crown6.526 DKK300-525 DKK1.200-2.100 DKK*1.200-2.100 DKK*
Full ceramic implant crown6.526 DKK300-525 DKK1.200-2.100 DKK*1.200-2.100 DKK*
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