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Toothache and pain can be almost excruciatingly to live with, even though it is just for a brief period of time. Pain is when the body tells us, that something is wrong. A heavy toothache rarely disappears on its own. That is why, it is crucial, that your pains are taken care of as quickly as possible, so that you do not have to live with unnecessary pain. At Dentin Clinic we do our best to make sure, that you can reach an emergency dentist, whenever you need.

Emergency dentist: Get rid of the pain

If you need an emergency dentist sooner than later, Dentin Clinic will do its best to find time for you within just a few hours. Urgent toothaches often occurs from small problems, which in return results in strong pain. Often these problems can be taken care of with simple treatments. In some cases the urgency will pass by it self, but the cause rarely goes away. Therefore, we recommend, that you stick with you decision to seek help. It is important to get your problems diagnosed as quickly as possible, so we can prepare a solution and a treatment for you. We can help you get rid of the pain, and in most cases you will be pain free within 24 hours.

Emergency dentist: No extra fee

Do you need a dentist in Copenhagen or Taastrup? At Dentin Clinic we offer you emergency appointments at the dentist, so you can become painless as quickly as possible. We always find an emergency dentist appointment within our normal opening hours. Our extended opening hours gives you the possibility to be consulted by a dentist urgently — even though it is on weekends or late in the day. Whether you need urgent dental care during a work day, in the weekend or in the evenings, we perform our treatments at our regular prices and with no extra fee. If you want an emergency appointment at Dentin Clinic, call us directly at +45 33 93 41 81 rather than using our contact form or mail service. That way, we can handle your problems right away. On sundays though, we refer you to the Dental Service in Østerbro.

Emergency dentist: Dental anxiety

Even though you need an emergency dentist, we acknowledge, that a big part of our patients suffer from dental anxiety. We know, that for many it can be a huge accomplishment just grabbing the phone and booking an appointment at the dentist. If you are on of the many suffering from dental anxiety, it is always a good idea to let us know, when you do call to make an appointment at our clinic – even though you need an urgent appointment. By informing us about your dental anxiety, you give us the opportunity to devote extra time for your consultation and to set you up with a dentist, who has experience with dental anxiety. That way you are certain to receive the necessary time and expertise, which we know that means the world to our patients with dental anxiety. We strive to create a pleasant atmosphere, where you feel at control and as part of the treatment course at all times.
At Dentin Clinic it is important for us, that you feel safe throughout the entire course of your treatment. Therefore, we are very invested in making sure our patients play an active role in the treatment. We always prepare an individual treatment plan and give you a price proposition, before we begin any of our treatments. The treatment plan will be divided, so each part of the treatment and the single prices is specified in details. That way, you will always have the option to choose your own course of treatment. Your individual treatment plan will however, always be be based on our recommendations. By preparing a treatment plan you get the opportunity to be part of the decision process in terms of both price and course of action of your upcoming treatment.

Dentin Clinic: When you need an emergency dentist

Our two clinics in both Copenhagen and Taastrup is equipped with the newest dental technology. Therefore, you are certain of a high quality in all your dental treatments — also when your need for help happens urgently. Our dental clinics are designed, so that both patients and staff find the surroundings pleasant and safe. Our dentist are educated to perform small, as well as complex treatments. Mostly, you as an emergency patient, are not sure, whether your pain is worth a treatment or not. Pain is however, an individual term, and no treatment is too small or too large for us. At Dentin Clinic your needs are our primary focus.

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