Choose Dentin Clinic as your new dentist

Are you in the market for a new dentist? Feel free to visit Dentin Clinic and greet our pleasant and experienced dentists. Our opening hours are long, so we can assist you if you need urgent dental care. At Dentin Clinic you are welcomed in modern surroundings, located in central Copenhagen and Taastrup.

Your smile and your wellbeing is in the best hands at Dentin Clinic – and we take our time, if you suffer from dental anxiety.

Create a personal treatment plan with your new dentist

Do you prefer a dentist who knows you and have a long term plan on how you achieve the strongest teeth throughout your life? Then choose Dentin Clinic as you new dentist.

At Dentin Clinic every new patient receives a personal and long-term treatment plan, where we register you special needs and wishes. The plan helps us to ensure the right treatment for you at the right time, so you obtain the healthiest teeth, year after year.

New dentist? We have fair prices and great experience

If you are searching for a new dentist with fair prices and treatment guaranty, choose Dentin Clinic. We listen to your wishes and adjust our treatment accordingly. Both big and small wishes will be respected.

We know, that the dental care can be expensive. Therefore, we always draw an individual price estimate, when you need a more complex dental treatment. Naturally, you will receive the price estimate before we begin your treatment.

We are members of the Danish Dental Association, and you can normally get reimbursements from you health insurance.

Suffer from dental anxiety? Choose Dentin Clinic as your new dentist

At Dentin Clinic we have great experience with patients suffering from dental anxiety. When you meet your new dentist in our clinic, we value the time you need to feel safe. In order to get to know you as a patient, we listen to your previous experiences, and we respect your concerns about your teeth and your fear of dentists.


CONSULTATIONORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
Examination, x-ray and treatment plan365 - 950 DKKDKKDKKDKK
X-ray148 DKK68 DKK68 DKK68 DKK
Panoramic x-ray632 DKK275 DKK275 DKK275 DKK
Consultation without treatment405 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK

ORDINARY TREATMENTS ORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
Plastic filling 1 surface (premolar)950 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Plastic filling 2 surfaces (premolar)1.220 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Plastic filling 1 surface (molar)1.064 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Plastic filling 2 surfaces (molar)1.488 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Root canal treatment 1 canal1.124 DKK225 DKK225 DKK225 DKK
Root canal treatment 2 canals2.131 DKK450 DKK450 DKK450 DKK
Root canal treatment 3 canals3.138 DKK675 DKK675 DKK675 DKK
Retrograde root filling / root section4.861 DKK
Fiber pin1.124 DKK
Plastic rebuild below crown749 DKK300/380 DKK300/380 DKK300/380 DKK
Simple Dental Drawing325,81 DKK150 DKK150 DKK150 DKK
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth2.795 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK

GENERAL DENTAL CAREORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
Teeth whitening incl. whitening tray and whitening gel (home whitening)1.995 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Whitening at the clinic and home4.995 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Examination and tooth cleaning364,15 DKK169 DKK169 DKK169 DKK
Scaling and root planing104,75 DKK50,55 DKK50,55 DKK50,55 DKK
Periodontal treatment (Examination, periodontal treatment and e.g. 5 root planings)1.811,61 DKK778,75 DKK778,75 DKK778,75 DKK
Local anesthesia340 DKK75 DKK75 DKK75 DKK

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday:: 08:00-18:00
Friday: 08:00-15:00
Saturday: 08:30-14:00

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