Periodontal disease

Do you suffer from periodontal disease? Then do not worry — at Dentin Clinic we are experts in treatment of periodontal disease and offer a wide range of treatment options, from tooth root cleansing to the more complex surgical rebuild of bone structure. If you suspect a periodontal disease diagnosis, feel free to book a free consultation in one of our clinics. The sooner a periodontal disease is discovered, the better the treatment options are.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, periodontitis, paradentosis, or perhaps paradontosis — a dear child has many names. However, the condition remains the same and even a very common one. Periodontal disease is a bacteria related illness, which begins as inflamed gums — also known as gingivitis. If the inflammation is not treated in time, it can develop into periodontal disease.
Periodontal disease attacks the bone, which the teeth are attached to, causing it to slowly disappear. In the end that means lose teeth with eventually will fall out. To describe it more detailed: A healthy tooth is firmly rooted to the bone and the jaw with the help of a lot of small fibers called periodontal fibers. These fibers make sure that the tooth does not come in direct contact with the jawbone. Thus, a tooth is hanging from a kind of network of delicate threads called the periodontal membrane. When a tooth is attacked by periodontal disease, the bone tissue of the tooth is slowly decomposed, which causes the jawbone to disappear over time. The tooth then loses its attachment and will no longer be able to resist the daily load causing it to eventually fall out.

Who is affected by periodontal disease?

There are big individual differences as to the aggressiveness of the periodontal disease attacks and the level of disposal one has. In some circumstances the periodontal disease is related to the lack of proper oral hygiene, while the disease in other circumstances is a hereditary condition. Other get periodontal disease as a side effect to a general disease like diabetes. Especially smokers are disposed to develop periodontal disease, as you often see a correlation between a heavy use of tobacco and a significantly large deconstruction of bones. The people, who are in this high risk group, are thus less resistant towards the bacteria causing periodontal disease and should pay special attention to the symptoms.

How do I know, if I suffer from periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease can be tricky to discover, as it is often not connected with any pain. Bad breath, bleeding gums and pus from the gum pockets may however be indicators of periodontal disease. The teeth will over time be more loose and have a tendency to wander causing your tooth position to change. When the bone slowly disappears, the gums will eventually withdraw itself further and further causing the roots and pendants to appear naked. This can cause sensitive teeth, which you can experience when eating or drinking something cold or hot.

How is periodontal disease treated?

It is very important, that periodontal disease is treated in time. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, or you are in the risk group of developing it, we at Dentin Clinic recommend, that you receive either preventive treatment or actual periodontal disease treatment every 3rd or 4th month. That way we, as experts in periodontal disease, can monitor the development in the condition and this gives you the best possible treatment. By starting the treatment as early as possible, your periodontal disease can be limited or completely stopped. Only 10 % develop an aggressive type of periodontal disease which will lead to actual loss of teeth. This hereditary disease often begins with patients in a very young age, and the decomposition of tissue is very fast. It is important to be extra aware of the disease, so that a treatment can be started as fast as possible. At Dentin Clinic we are committed to give individual treatments to our patients with periodontal disease, since two conditions are never the same. We provide you with a description of the level of damage the periodontal disease has caused on your teeth. Afterwards we give you professional teeth cleaning in the clinic, so you have the best possibility of cleaning your teeth at home. We will recommend you, which tooth brushes and other equipment to use and how to use them. Every set of teeth is unique and therefore calls for individual treatment.

Whether you have a periodontal disease that requires treatment or simply preventional care, we at Dentin Clinic take good time to give you an adequate instruction, so you, as a patient with periodontal disease know, what to pay special attention. A proper care and oral hygiene is the most important thing for patients with periodontal disease.

Is it expensive to get treated for periodontal disease?

The price on treatment of periodontal disease varies depending on the progression of your periodontal disease. If the condition has been caught in time, it can mostly be slowed down by preventive treatment, and you will not be faced with expensive surgery. At Dentin Clinic we always prepare a treatment plan and a price estimate, before we begin a treatment of periodontal disease. That way, you get to play an active role in the course of your treatment and will avoid unpleasant financial surprises. Feel free to dive into a more detailed specification of our prices on treatment for periodontal disease on our price list.

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