Root canal treatment

When outspoken, the phrase root canal treatment is known to cause distorted faces and phantom pains in the teeth. The many pains, which previously have been connected with root canal treatments, have eventually been eliminated to an absolute minimum. At Dentin Clinic we have dentists, who have great expertise in root canal treatments, and thus we can gladly offer you a painless root canal treatment.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

Basically it is necessary with a root canal treatment, if you have a tooth, where the nerve is damaged, inflamed or dead. The nerve itself is located deep within the root canal in the middle of the tooth root. If bacteria is allowed to enter too far, it can cause inflammation in the nerve damaging or destroying it completely. Pains from sensitive tooth pendants or cracked teeth can also cause the necessity of a root canal treatment. An unfortunate stroke on a tooth, which causes damage to the blood supply to the nerve of the tooth, eventually killing the nerve, can also be a reason for a root canal treatment.

How is a root canal treatment performed?

When performing a root canal treatment, we cleanse all the infected and inflamed nerve tissue from the specific crown and root canals of the tooth. When both crown and root canal are desinficated and thoroughly cleansed, we fill the root canal with a special material named ‘guttaperka’, which is a rubber-like substance and thus can shaped itself after the root canals. This material prevent future bacteria in reinfection the root canals by forming a mechanical barrier against the bacteria. The bacteria will no longer have the possibility of infecting the bone beneath, and the bone can heal. When the root canal treatment is done, the tooth is ready to be filled with a plastic filling to replace the removed substance of the tooth. In some circumstances there will be so little left of the tooth, that it can be necessary to mount a pin in the root canals to attach the plastic filling firmly.

Is the tooth healed after the root canal treatment?

After a root canal treatment your tooth will be more fragile than before. A root canal treated tooth will become more glass-like and are bound to crack more easily. This is due to several reasons. A root canal treated tooth is more porous than a real tooth, since you with a root canal treatment actually remove the blood supply to the tooth. By a root canal treatment you will moreover be forced to remove healthy tooth substance to be able to access the infected nerve tissue. And as a result you will have significantly less tooth substance left after a root canal treatment causing the tooth to problems resisting the powerful chewing, which in particular the molars are exposed to everyday. We basically recommend, that your treated tooth — especially if it is a molar –has a dental crown attached after a root canal treatment. With a dental crown the tooth will regain the necessary strength to resist the load, which molars are exposed to on a daily basis.

Does a root canal treatment hurt?

At Dentin Clinic, we have the necessary expertise to perform painless root canal treatments. When the anesthesia has kicked in, we perform the root canal treatment without pain. Our use of cleansing equipment in the drills and the electronic measuring devices for the root canals make the root canal treatment quite harmless and without complications. We pay extra attention to the fact, that many patients suffer from dental anxiety and fear of needles and anesthetics. We respect that! At our clinics we are committed to making our patient feel safe and well informed about course of the treatment before we begin any of our treatments. It is important for us, that our patients always know precisely what will happen during the treatment. Of course this is also the case when performing a root canal treatment. During the root canal treatment we will continuously explain what we do and what will happen next. In this way you can at all time monitor the treatment and avoid unpleasant surprises.
If you suffer from dental anxiety, please inform us, when you book your appointment at one of our clinics. That way, we can accommodate extra time for your consultation and choose a dentist for you, who has both experience with root canal treatments and dental anxiety. By informing us about you dental anxiety, we can take your personal needs into account and prepare you as good as possible on the upcoming root canal treatment, so you get the best possible experience at the dentist.

What is the price on a root canal treatment?

The price on a root canal treatment varies depending on the number of root canal, which are infected. You can find a detailed overview of the prices on root canal treatments at this website. At Dentin Clinic we always prepare an individual treatment plan based on your needs, as well as presenting you with a price estimate, before we begin your root canal treatment. That way, you have the option to take active part in the course of your treatment, as well as avoiding unpredicted financial costs.


ORDINARY TREATMENTS ORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
Plastic filling 1 surface (premolar)950 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Plastic filling 2 surfaces (premolar)1.220 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Plastic filling 1 surface (molar)1.064 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Plastic filling 2 surfaces (molar)1.488 DKK300 DKK300 DKK300 DKK
Root canal treatment 1 canal1.124 DKK225 DKK225 DKK225 DKK
Root canal treatment 2 canals2.131 DKK450 DKK450 DKK450 DKK
Root canal treatment 3 canals3.138 DKK675 DKK675 DKK675 DKK
Retrograde root filling / root section4.861 DKK
Fiber pin1.124 DKK
Plastic rebuild below crown749 DKK300/380 DKK300/380 DKK300/380 DKK
Simple Dental Drawing325,81 DKK150 DKK150 DKK150 DKK
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth2.795 DKK800 DKK800 DKK800 DKK
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