Teeth whitening

Your teeth are an important part of your face. For many people a wide and white smile can strengthen their confidence and self esteem. Previously, you would only visit the dentist, when your teeth were not healthy, but today healthy teeth can be made both prettier and whiter. At Dentin Clinic we always recommend you to contact a dentist clinic, if you want an efficient and gentle teeth whitening. We can help you with advice and guidance throughout the treatment, so you end up with a nice and proper result.

Teeth whitening at home

At Dentin Clinic we basically recommend teeth whitening at home to our patients, who want a teeth whitening. For a few patients teeth whitening at the clinic is necessary. We only perform such teeth whitening, if there is a diagnostic reason behind and not just a cosmetic desire, because the dentist uses a much stronger bleach product.
By teeth whitening at your home the teeth are bleached several times over a longer period. Before the treatment, we conduct an individual assessment, whether or nor your teeth are suited for a teeth whitening. We then cleanse your teeth and take an imprint of your teeth to shape the bleach splint, which you will be wearing at home. Afterwards you will be instructed on how to use both bleach splint and bleach. The bleach is quite gentle and can — after the dentist appointment – be used, until you reach the desired result. Teeth whitening at home will often take about 2-3 weeks. In this period you must wear the bleach splint 1-2 hours a day and perhaps also at nighttime.

How does teeth whitening work?

By far, most people did at some point in their lives have white teeth. Over time the teeth become more yellowish and dark. This happens, because we consume tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine. A teeth whitening basically works by chemical affecting those colorants, which have penetrated the teeth and caused the discoloration. Because teeth whitening is achieved using a chemical treatment, it is necessary to make a diagnosis before the treatment. Yellow or grey teeth can also be caused by congenital changes in the normal structure of the enamel, and age can also affect the color of the tooth enamel. By such discoloration a teeth whitening may have a limited effect.

The active substance in bleaches is hydrogen peroxide. The substance penetrates the tooth and removes the dyes that have penetrated the tooth over time. Since by any teeth whitening process a fraction of the enamel of the tooth will be dissolved, we recommend that a teeth whitening is not repeated too often. That is why it is also important to get advice from a dentist, when it comes to teeth whitening. After a teeth whitening the teeth will be more susceptible to new dyes. Hence, it is a good idea to withstand from smoking tobacco and consuming food and beverages, which can color the teeth, in up to 48 hours after the teeth whitening.

Does a teeth whitening work on my plastic fillings

If you have plastic filling, you must be aware, that these can not be bleached whiter like your teeth. It is only the tooth enamel that can be bleached. Fillings, dental crowns and exposed tooth necks can not be whitened. Instead, if you have a plastic filling in a visible spot, we can replace it here at Dentin Clinic, if the color difference after the teeth whitening is to obvious. The new plastic filling will be adapted the color of your whitened teeth. So in that way it is possible to get white teeth in the same color.

How white will my teeth become after a teeth whitening?

Two teeth whitening processes never give quite the same result. It is always very individual what will be the result of the teeth whitening. A rule of thumb is, however, that the teeth basically never becomes more white, than they have been at a previously time in your life. The result of a teeth whitening depends a great deal on, which dental color you were born with, as well as how much dye the teeth have been exposed to. If you already have relatively light teeth, your teeth will most likely only become a few tones whiter after a teeth whitening. If your teeth on the other hand more yellowish, a teeth whitening could create a greater color effect. It is important to remember that teeth whitening is not coloring the teeth, but on the contrary, just reducing those discolorations that over time have penetrated the teeth.

How long does a teeth whitening at Dentin Clinic last?

The duration of a teeth whitening varies from person to person. Moreover, the duration depends to a large extent on the amount of dyes your teeth are exposed to on a daily basis, as well as how well you take care of your teeth. A teeth whitening can last years, and normally a re-whitening will first be relevant after 2-3 years. To achieve the optimal durability of the effect of the teeth whitening, we recommend you to get a dental cleaning by your dentist at least twice a year.


GENERAL DENTAL CAREORDINARY PRICESd-gruppe-3d-gruppe-2d-gruppe-1
Teeth whitening incl. whitening tray and whitening gel (home whitening)1.995 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Whitening at the clinic and home4.995 DKK0 DKK0 DKK0 DKK
Examination and tooth cleaning364,15 DKK169 DKK169 DKK169 DKK
Scaling and root planing104,75 DKK50,55 DKK50,55 DKK50,55 DKK
Periodontal treatment (Examination, periodontal treatment and e.g. 5 root planings)1.811,61 DKK778,75 DKK778,75 DKK778,75 DKK
Local anesthesia340 DKK75 DKK75 DKK75 DKK
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